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Made in the U. S. A.          Tested by Dermatologists


"See what you shave before you shave with MudMe!"


MudMe! is a hand-made skin scream formulated with 100% natural coffee grinds.


MudMe! is the ultimate 21st Century shaving cream for men and women.


MudMe! instantly

  • exfoliates men's and women's face and body  
  • keeps the skin soft and moisturized for days 
  • leaves no razor burn
  • no skin rash
  • no irritation
  • no problems with ingrown hair
  • provides a closer, smoother, gentler shaving process for men's face and women's legs.
  • soothes Acme
  • shaves with no soap and no foam
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MudMe! has been made especially for YOU! Try it! It is UNIQUE!

I can’t believe how smooth my skin felt after using MudMe! I didn’t even have to use any lotion afterwards. -June
After using MudMe! everyday, I noticed my Acne disappearing. -Debbie
It is such an easy shave! I’m getting 2 in 1! A shaving cream and moisturizer! -Joanna