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See what you shave before you shave with MudMe!

MudMe! is a hand-made skin cream formulated with 100% natural coffee grinds.

MudMe! is the ultimate 21st Century shaving cream for men and women. MudMe! instantly exfoliates face an body, and keeps the skin moisturized the skin for days. MudMe! leaves no razor burn, no skin rash and no irritation. It provides a closer, smooth gentle shaving process for men and women.

MudMe! when applied to face and body exfoliates and softens the skin in "SECONDS." Also, it is great to relieve the uncomfortable effects of ACNE.

Ultimate 21st Century shaving cream for men and women with "Neither SOAP nor FOAM."

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MudMe! has been made especially for YOU! Try it! It is UNIQUE!

I can’t believe how smooth my skin felt after using MudMe! I didn’t even have to use a lotion afterwards. -June
After using MudMe! consistently, I noticed my acne disappearing. -Debbie
It is such an easy shave! I’m getting 2 in 1! A shaving cream and moisturizer! -Joanna