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Let nature take care of you…

Don’tBugMe! is a skin cream/moisturizer containing 100% natural edible herb extract.

Don'tBugMe! immediately relieves itch from: Bug bites, Mosquitos, Bees, Poison ivy, Psoriasis, Eczema, Shingle virus. Ichthyosis, Burns, Sunburns, Skin irritations, any Skin Rash, dryeness of the skin and minor body pain. Also, it is a Bug repellant moisturizer. Don'tBugMe! has no side effects.

Rashes, Burns, Shaving, Waxing and Cracked Skin. It also helps to relieve pain inflammation when rubbed on the affected area. image description

Just apply immediately to the affected area and let it do the work for you!

The combined use of MudMe!, Don’tBugMe! And SootheMe! will help relieve the uncomfortable effects of PSORIASIS.

My son had just gotten bit by a wasp, luckily I had Don’tBugMe! on hand. It stopped the swelling immediately! Within a few minutes, it was like he never got bit! -Annette
My husband had the beginning bubbles of poison ivy, I applied Don’tBugMe! right away and we both couldn’t believe that it did not spread at all! -Julie
I suffered with psoriasis for 20
years. A few years ago, I tried three products, MudMe!, Don’t BugMe!
and SootheMe! the results were amazing.